Buffy & Abbie

Lessons from two bunnies

Two rabbits named Buffy and Abbie
Abbie and Buffy

I have 2 pet rabbits, and in the past year that I’ve had them, I’ve learned a lot about them and their specific needs.

I got Buffy in June of 2013, and Abbie in February 2014.

Things you will need

  1. Nail clippers
  2. Hay
  3. Pellets
  4. Litter box/litter
  5. Fresh veggies

If you are interested in getting a rabbit as a companion, I hope you can see from this site how rewarding it can be ♥. You can also check out the House Rabbit Society or look at my favorite bunny couple, Spooky and Scully, for a lot more information about taking proper care of rabbits.